They say team work makes the dream work and that is certainly the case in the commentary box at HBL Pakistan Super League 5. 

In a short period of time, this great group of presenters and commentators have bonded, while embracing this beautiful country and what it has to offer.

Learning Urdu:

Our wonderful colleague, Urooj Mumtaz, has been helping us with basic Urdu terms  which we have used respectfully in commentary and it has also helped in daily interactions here. Thank you, Urooj for being our local guide! My favourite word is zabardast which means fantastic.

So, some of you have asked where we have been while here in Islamabad. So, here goes:

Best coffee?

Mocca has won my heart. Lovely pavement spot in Islamabad. Also enjoyed delicious carrot cake. 

Best breakfast:

Loafology is a must do when in Islamabad. Great buzz and the food is top notch. Great place for friends to hang out.

Must see:

When in Islamabad, you must visit the Faisal mosque. Our friend, Komaal Khan, showed us around and there is a sense of peace around the area.


The weather wasn’t great when we were due to go up but some of the crew did make the trip up the mountain and the reviews have been brilliant. Make time to visit when the weather is clear and closer to sunset when the lights of the city come alive.

Home cooked meal:

It’s easy to get stuck in the hotel when on tour but when you have locals as friends, they become family. We were treated to an amazing meal at the Khan home and it once again showed the wonderful Pakistan hospitality we have become used to over the past two weeks.

Commentating in Pakistan:

I have been in cricket broadcasting for 17 years and I can honestly say that this trip has been a life changing one.

To see and experience live cricket returning to this beautiful country is something I will carry for a long time.

We so often take for granted the opportunity to call the game, and I have to say that this trip has reignited my passion for commentary and seen me fall in love with Pakistan.

Thank you for accepting me here and making me feel so at home.

Two more games in Rawalpindi for me and then I head off to Lahore for the next leg.

Excited to be here all the way to the final on 22 March. Look forward to blogging again next Friday about my time in Pakistan.

International viewers can catch the #HBLPSLV action here.

Shukria 🙏