There is something deeply satisfying about routines. The more you follow them, the better you get, and the more you win at life.

When you are not winning, you are learning… How to improve your processes … How to adapt, and … How to fail forward until you hit that next winning shot!

So, it was a great honour to be asked to be the guest speaker at the recent Suzuki Dealer Conference. I like sticking to the basics, so I chose my “Six of the Best” tips for a winning routine.

It was a largely male audience so I admit I was nervous about how they would react to me motivating them to run stronger dealerships and sell more Suzuki vehicles.

I gathered myself, and gave it my best shot.” – Kass Naidoo

When I finished, I wondered what I was nervous about? I enjoyed sharing my insights and the dealers were really receptive.

It was only after I got home, and started receiving online messages from dealers, that I realised once again the power of learning from each other.

My favourite message received for a Dealer Principal: “I just wanted to comment on your talk at the Suzuki SA Conference. It was enlightening to listen to your background and journey to where you are today and you should definitely write a book!

Your talk on your Six of the Best has reignited me to write a personal mission and vision for myself.” – Feedback to Kass from a Dealer Principal attending the Conference

Something that I have neglected for a while now. So thank you.”

The lesson is that whatever the gender, whatever we do, there is always some value we can add.

Thank you, Suzuki, for elevating a woman on your stage and demonstrating why you are brand for all. Backing you to reclaim the title of number one car brand!



Video 1 Caption: Kass Naidoo thanks the delegates of the 2019 Suzuki Dealer Conference at the Riverside Sun in Vanderbijlparkon Thursday, 9 May, 2019. Video: Ryk Meiring

Photo 1 Caption: The Suzuki Way of Life sculpture decorating the entrance foyer of the Riverside Sun. Photo: Ryk Meiring

Photo 2 Caption: The colourful branding and gleaming Suzuki motor vehicles glittering in the hotel parking gave no doubt about who the day was reserved for. Photo: Ryk Meiring

Photo 3 Caption: Kass Naidoo was MC and Guest Speaker at the Dealer Conference and after a nervy start, gathered herself and gave her talk ‘Six of the Best’ her best shot. Photo: Ryk Meiring

Photo 4 Caption: The Suzuki head office team pictured with MC and speaker Kass Naidoo, at the conclusion of a rewarding day of assimilating the success elements pivotal to the motor vehicle manufacturer’s international acclaim. Photo: Ryk Meiring